School students from across the planet compete to launch their un-manned spacecraft as high as possible on a budget. Students will need to use maths, physics and geography to design, build, launch and retrieve their un-manned craft.

Students will have 12 months to launch and over come extreme temperatures, high winds and break-neck speeds to recovered their stunning pictures of our beautiful planet and claim their prize.

The aims of the programme are to:

• Inspire students into taking on physics and other sciences
• Provide a practical framework to teach maths, physics and geography
• Underline the holistic nature of life on one planet, bring students from across the globe closer together, dissolve geographic and cultural boundaries
• Provide a reason for schools in the UK and Africa to communicate and learn about each other
• Raise awareness of physics and the work of our organisations
• Raise awareness of scares resources such as helium and what implications they may have to future generations.