Bondzeni High School is a rural South African school found near the Kruger national park. Tarmac road are being completed to the school which is one of the pilot school running the 2Enable eLearning platform in Mpumalanga province.

Paris from the school is making a quadrocycle!

IMG_5656 (small)


March 31, 2017

Bricileaks No.12 – Protec take the lead in the SSR

Bricileaks No. 12 The much anticipated Yellobric School Space Race is finally underway with our first three launches in South Africa in January this year. Make sure you watch our launch video. Despite losing their space balloon again our […]
February 6, 2017

South African Launch Day

Video of the South African launch of three balloons; Bondzeni, PROTEC and Imagine Scholar. If you didn’t follow the South African School Space Race launch live you can watch this video which show the excitement of students who designed […]