Use a weather balloon to launch a payload into near space that can capture pictures of the planet, float back down on a parachute once the balloon bursts and send you it’s location so you can find it.

Your payload is attached to a balloon which is filled with helium. The balloon is released and pulls the payload with it. As the balloon rises the outside pressure decreases which leads to the helium inside the balloon expanding. This causes the balloon to stretch and eventually bursts.
The payload then begins to fall back to earth under the force of gravity and the parachute opens to slow the decent and protect the payload on impact with the earth.

If set up correctly you can monitor and track you payload’s location using an onboard GPS tracker and radio transmitter. This means that you can follow the balloon on the ground and pick it up once it lands.

If you need more detailed information about launching your own high altitude balloon please visit: https://ukhas.org.uk/start